Suicide Awareness & Prevention

CSM Mustafa has been at the forefront of suicide awareness and prevention since his time as an active duty military service member.

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Veterans' Resiliency

This subject is particularly near and dear to him due to his loss of one of his subordinates when he was a young Sergeant assigned to the 4/64 Armor Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 24th Infantry Division from 1988 to 1991.
Later in his career, he experienced as a Platoon Sergeant in 4th & 123rd Aviation Battalion from 1995 to 1998, and again as a unit First Sergeant of 59th Quartermaster Company from 2000 to 2002; the attempted suicides of two Soldiers respectively assigned to his organization.
The prevention of the later two attempts becoming actual suicides is attributed to his engaged leadership style. CSM Mustafa lost one of his best friends who has retired after serving 26 years in the Army and then committed suicide one year after his retirement.
These real life experiences along with his training in Applied Suicide Intervention Training are the reasons he has taken on this mission after he transitioned from military to civilian life.
Click the link below to learn more about the CSM’s annual Veterans’ Resiliency Awards Gala.

5th Annual Veterans Resiliency Awards Gala Thayer Hotel West Point NY.

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